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A range of materials for your craft projects.
Paper cord / ribbon
Florist wires
Specially dyed nylon
Florist tapes
Flower stamens
Imitation leaf
Nylon thread for Mesh flowers
Plastic cylinders for Mesh flowers
Mesh Nylon flower making kit
Plastic Flower stem and Plastic Flower holder
Craft tools
Bouquet flower holder
Small glass bottles
Magic colour sticky tape
Nylon leaves for nylon flowers and Nylon flower petals for nylon flowers
Special offer - Crafts material
Mizuhiki cords
Children card
Paper star
Cellophane wrap
Flower arrangement Material
Wooden sticks and boards
Carving Product
Double sided sticky tape
New products - Crafts material
Hot Melt Glue Sticks
Packaging and Embellishments Material
Plastic Lucky star plastic straws
Small Plastic Bottles
Storage box
Wood work Tools
Craft kit

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