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Explanation of paper thickness:
gsm is an Abbreviation for grams per square metre. This indicates the weight of paper, it also indicates the thickness of the paper. Generally, the higher the gsm the thicker the paper. For example: A typical photocopier paper would be 80 gsm, a good letterhead paper might be 100 gsm, a postcard would be about 250 gsm.

For origami paper: Click here to go to the Origami Paper section>>

Premium A4 Coloured Papers
Yuzen Chiyogami large sheets
Opaque papers
Shoyu papers
Thick crepe paper
Thin pattern paper
Corrugated paper
Embossed papers
120 gsm - Ganlan Pearlescent Papers
New products - Fine paper
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Opaque papers
Shoyu matt textured paper
Shoyu papers
New products - Fine paper
Fine paper

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