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Unique gifts for your loved ones. Paper was invented in China two thousand years ago and has been used to express feelings ever since.

Our flowers are made out of paper using the ancient arts of Origami (Japanese paper folding) and Chinese paper cutting. Each of our delicate paper flower is lovingly handmade, the colours and texture of our paper gives our flowers an elegant lifelike quality.

Show the one you love that your love will last because... as real flowers fade our flowers will endure!

Particularly ideal for a couple's first anniversary. The first anniversary is a celebration of mutual understanding and love, it is an occasion for couples to recapture the romance of the first date and to express their feelings for each other, to symbolise this, the traditional first anniversary gift is paper. A beautiful twist to this tradition is to give the one you love Kawasaki paper roses, these are all handmade using the ancient Japanese art of Origami.


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